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58% of young whites say anti-white discrimination is real

The Public Religion Research Institute has released a new survey data that includes public opinions on racial issues:

The people who were surveyed are “millennials,” meaning they are aged 18-25. The survey says only 57% of the US population in this age category are white.

The institute found:

56% of whites think the government pays too much attention to minorities. Only 24% of blacks and 37% of Hispanics agreed.

When asked if discrimination against whites is “as big a problem as discrimination against minorities,” 58% of whites agreed. Only 24% of blacks and 39% of Hispanics agreed. Among White evangelicals and White mainline Protestants, the number

It seems that the Council of Conservative Citizens does in fact represent the views of a majority of all young white adults. Keep in mind that most of these people spent ages 5-18 being bombarded with far-left propaganda in public school. Those that are in college are still being bombarded with intense propaganda. Despite this massive daily effort to brainwash young whites, over half do not believe the propaganda.

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