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"Anti-racist" gang claims responsibility for massive violent attack in Chicago

"Antifa" gang members. From getty images.

Update: Background on “anti-racist” gangs.

Websites of the “antifa” gang, a violent Marxist/”Anti-Racist” network, is claiming responsibility for an armed attacked on a Chicago restaurant.  A meeting called the “White Nationalist Economic Summit” was taking place at the restaurant. The participates of the meeting apparently organized it on the internet forum At least one of the victims was not a participant in the meeting. The manager of the restaurant was among the injured.

“Antifa” is a network of violent Marxist gangs that advocate the use of violence to silence people they disagree with. Anyone to the right of Morris Dees is a potential target for their violence. “Antifa” groups has committed violence against people who demonstrate at abortion clinics as well. “Antifa” websites identify the local Chicago gang as “South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action.”

The group has a history of violence in Chicago. Recently Chicago members posted pictures of a young Chicago woman online with her home address and work address. Supporters were urged to harass the woman at work. She was identified as the ex-girlfriend of one of their leaders. The harassment campaign was apparently retaliation for dumping one of their gang leaders.

Police are holding five suspects. Police say up to 20 people were involved in the attack.

From Chicago Tribune…

The woman said when she emerged, she saw the attacking group attacking patrons with bats and hammers.

All the dishes and plates were knocked off the tables and smashed, and people were either lying on the ground bleeding or crouched behind tables, she said.

She described one of the hammers left behind at the scene as a railroad hammer with a 24-inch handle.

“They took out the whole restaurant,” she said. “It was absolutely horrible.”

Another waitress said most of the attackers looked to be in their late teens. She also said the attackers screamed obscenities throughout the incident.

At one point, the first woman said, the restaurant’s manager chased after an attacker who tried to flee but was struck from behind and beaten.

The woman described the restaurant, where she has worked for eight years, as an Irish establishment that typically draws several generations of families.