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Black mob brutally beat white couple in Norfolk. Media censored.

Newspaper censored hate crime mob attack against two of its own employees.

Michelle Williams, a columnist for the Virginia-Pilot, is blowing the whistle on a brutal racially motivated black on white mob attack that was censored. The victims were a white couple who work for the Virginia-Pilot. The attack occurred two weeks ago down the street from the offices of the Virginia-Pilot. Yet editors for the Virginia-Pilot failed to assign the story to any writer.

The white couple was stopped at a red light in Norfolk, VA. A huge mob, of as many as 100 young blacks, was walking by. One of them threw a rock at the car. When the male driver tried to confront the rock thrower, both were brutally beaten. The attack was obviously motivated by racial hatred. One person sent a twitter message gloating about the attack and saying it was for Trayvon Martin.

Much like the Grand Rapids attacks, police told the victims that nothing would happen to the perpetrators because they are juveniles. Police only recorded the massive lynching as a “simple assault.” They did not even take down the names of the witnesses.

Williams expresses confusion over why the newspaper failed to report a vicious lynching attack against two of its own employees. Williams appears unaware that many newspapers have a policy of censoring black crime.

The columnist mentions that five years ago a 19 year old white man was beaten to death in a local racially motivated mob attack.

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