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Blacks and Coloureds fight race war in South African town

An extended family of Cape Town "Coloureds" in South Africa.

Trouble in the rainbow paradise. Negros riot and attack Coloureds in South African town.

From Cape Times…

GRABOUW was “very tense” as thousands of coloured and black residents guarded their schools late last night against attack from either side, following a day when racial tensions exploded.

This followed violent protests over overcrowding at the town’s only black school in the morning. The protest spread to a neighbouring coloured community, closing three schools, and leaving a number of injured and a community leader on the run, afraid for his life.

Resident Margaret le Roux said last night: “A group of people of the coloured community have taken up a guarding position at the school to make sure the black people do not come to damage it. In the black area there are groups of people standing on corners and there are people burning tyres.”

The two groups were waiting to see what would happen next.

“It is extremely tense here and people in the coloured community are now in fear,” Le Roux said,

SA Democratic Teachers Union regional secretary Jacques Adams said: “It is quiet, but very tense. We don’t know what will happen.”A spokesman said police would monitor the situation all night.

He said 15 people, held and then released on warnng, were to appear in the Grabouw Magistrate’s Court on charges of public violence. They were detained after police formed a human shield as a group of coloured, Afrikaans-speaking residents from Pineview and black, Xhosa-speaking protesters, most of them from Siteview, faced off.

Member of the Khoisan race. They different from Negroes because they have epicanthic eye folds, "peppercorn" hair, unique skeletal traits. Nelson Mandela is part Khoisan.

Pineview resident Colven Smith said it was “unfair for the black community to break down their school because they could not get what they wanted”.

He blamed the racial tension on John Michels, chairman of the Elgin Grabouw Civic Organisation (EGCO), the protest organisers.

“It is wrong that our children’s classes are disturbed because John can’t get the Education MEC (Donald Grant) to co-operate with him. He is to blame for the racial tension between the coloureds and the blacks. Our community will fight back,” said Smith.

The predominate racial group in Grabouw is “Coloured.” This racial category includes members of the Khoisan race, and people who are any mixture of two or more races. Many Coloureds are a mixture of Khoisan, Negro, and Caucasian. Some may even have Asian admixtures.

Evidence has been emerging that full blooded Negros, including leaders of the ANC, harbor animosity towards the Coloureds. The Coloured are viewed as competition, in the same way Zulu and Xhosa view each other as competition for government resources.

The ANC views the racially mixed Coloureds as “tainted” by white blood. Leaked memos show that the ANC is secretly discriminating against Coloureds in government hiring. However, it is only Coloureds who are not full blooded Khoisans who are targeted.