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Chicago ARA gives out instructions for violent assaults

The Chicago ARA is a nationwide criminal gang that advocates political violence to suppress the first amendment rights of people they don’t like. This is the group that claimed responsibility for attacking a restaurant in Tinley Park, IL. Eighteen masked and hooded thugs stormed the restaurant with metal batons, baseball bats, and hammers. The primary victims were eight people attending a meeting of the Illinois European Heritage Association. The thugs injured ten victims, sending three to the hospital. The owner of the restaurant was beaten and kicked in the back of the head while on the ground. Between $12,000 and $15,000 in damages was done to the restaurant.

area restaurant has a document online that includes instructions for committing a gang assault.

In the 1990’s they were being financed by major left-wing organizations, and even received taxpayer dollars from the city of Toronto Canada. They had a national headquarters and paid staff of six. Today, it is a loose a network of thugs that does not appear to have a national leadership.

They are affiliated with several hard-core “patched” gangs. These include SHARP (Skinheads against Racism), RASH (Red-Anarchist Skinheads), and the notorious FSU (F$%k S%^t Up). The ARA describes its political philosophy as “anti-racist” and “red-anarchist.” Some members describe themselves as “Maoists” and “radical queers” online.

Some of the people they describe as “racists and fascists” are Right to Life, the Minutemen, Glen Beck, Pamela Geller, the entire country of Israel, and many more.

In 2011, Bill Ayers, unrepentant terrorist and close friend to Barack Obama, spoke to the group in Chicago.

The document you see at right is part of thirty-four pages that boast of violent criminal activity. After the Chicago terrorist attack, the document was scrubbed from an official ARA website. However, it is still available at a third-party hosting site. Click Here.

The document also boasts of violence against a Chicago Right to Life group and a camera crew that was making a film about the Minutemen.

Six people were arrested in connection to the terrorist attack at the restaurant. Five suspects from Indiana were arrested while fleeing the scene. They had masks and weapons in their car. They are part of the Indiana “crew” of the ARA, which is called HARM. Jacob Domke, the leader of HARM is defending the terrorist attack on the restaurant. A sixth person was arrested at the restaurant, who has an ARA symbol tattooed on his chest. A red A with a circle around it, which matches the “Red-Anarchist” symbol used by the ARA and its affiliated gangs. This person had an outstanding warrant for possession of child pornography, and may have been acting as an advance scout for the attack.

One of the victims was arrested after telling police he had a legal firearm properly stowed in his car. Illinois has the most draconian anti-gun laws in the nation. The victim has a misdemeanor on his record. Cook County prosecutors are alleging that his misdemeanor can be counted as a felony in order to charge him with felony possession of firearm.

The ARA has made claims online that some of the people in the restaurant are members of the CofCC. At this time, we have no knowledge of any members of this group being at the restaurant.