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Conservative Activism: Sending Media a Message

by Peter Graham

For far too long the western media has been controlled by nefarious groups of people with an ultra-leftist agenda. They are able to accomplish this and make obscene profits because the other arm of the media (the consensus media) is complicit and in complete agreement with the leftist agenda. In fact, in many cases, both arms of the media are owned by the same “investment groups”. The result of this unholy alliance is that hollyweird is free to make movies that are not only historically inaccurate but actually insulting. The consensus media then fawns all over these ridiculous films as being brilliant representations of “real events”. A perfect example of this concept at work is the movie “red tails”. This movie claims to present an accurate portrayal of the tuskeege airmen in WWII. For those who are perhaps unfamilliar with this air unit, it must be pointed out that this was an all negro air unit. The movie couldn’t have presented a more patently false version of history. In red tails, this air unit is depicted as an integral part of the allied victory with a fantastic and enviable combat record. The facts simply do not bear out the claims in this libtard agenda of historical revisionism. (for the accurate details of the pathetic combat record achieved by the tuskeege airmen please see article). The most positive outcome with regard to red tails is that the “investors/owners” of the hollyweird studios and consensus tv pushed this movie hard to try to get gullible people into the theatres and it didn’t work. The movie has been an enormous box office flop making less than a quarter of the money it took to create this fantasy.

There are reams and reams of examples of hollyweird and the tv industry pushing the libtard agenda. Frankly, there are so many examples that there would not be enough space to discuss even a fraction of them without writing a several volume encyclopedia. A few of the more egregious examples include Robin Hood Prince of Theives, The Patriot, and Thor. In all three of these movies negros are portrayed as the “noble savage” without which Whitey could not have succeeded with Thor being the most insulting to those of northern European lineage. There is absolutely no possibility that the Norse had a negro God and to pretend otherwise is typical of libtards pushing their agenda of glorifying negro “culture” while at the same time diminishing and denigrating White culture. To have a negro Norse God who defends the incredibly important portal is to say that White Gods require a negro to protect them despite the fact that their world is full of extremely powerful White “Gods” in their own rite who would be more than capable of defending themselves.

Again, I could continue in the same vein and continue to discuss the myriad examples but at this point I would like to move from describing the problem to providing solutions.

The following is a quick list of actions that we as conservatives can take to send a message to hollyweird. Since money makes the world go round and the only thing these agenda pushing, money grubbing media owners care about is making more of it to control ever larger amounts of the world, it is incumbant upon us to do everything we can to keep our money out of their hands. In order to accomplish this, we should stick to the following points.

1. Do not go to any movie at the theater. For one thing, the theater chains are predominantly owned by the same “people” that own the studios, production companies, and consensus tv networks.

2. If you need a night out with the significant other then go to a movie starring a conservative actor such as John Rattzenberger, Kelsey Grammer, Billy Baldwin, Victoria Jackson etc. (if you know any other conservative actors/actresses please leave a ​comment for other readers)

3. Since it is darn near impossible to find many movies that aren’t libtarded or star some libtard hollyweirdo then do not go to the theater. The studios/theaters/production companies make huge amounts of money from this. Instead, wait for the movie to come out on DVD and rent it either at the video store or on demand which makes the rights holders far less money.

4. Even better than renting the movie, borrow it from the library. Often times the library has the movie fairly soon after the DVD is in the stores so you won’t have to wait too long. If the library paid for the movie then again, the rights owners only made a small amount of money when compared to rentals or purchases. Many times, the library has not purchased the item but instead has had it donated by either patrons or the rights owners themselves. (I’m sure the studio will be quite happy to rid themselves of the massive numbers of surplus red tails DVD’s)

5. Borrow it from others. We all have spendthrift libtard friends or relatives that purchase the DVD so ask them to borrow their copy so that you can watch it without having to pay the rights holders.

6. Boycott. Do not go to or rent any movie that stars any actor/actress that is a bona fide libtard. Some prime examples are George Clooney, Leonardo Dicaprio, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, etc. This also includes any White actor/actress that buys the latest in chic fashion accessories – an African baby. By boycotting these idiots their movies will flop at the theater and on DVD. Even the biggest stars only have the chance to have 2 or 3 flops before work dries up. Just ask John Travolta.

7. If you absolutely love a movie and wish to purchase it then go to a pawn shop, a trade in store for music and videos, or yard sales/swap meets/flea markets. In this way, the rights holders have made the only money they will ever make from this copy and the money you spend at these locations goes directly to small business owners or your neighbors.

I feel it necessary to point out that we are conservatives and are therefore morally and ethically superior to libtards and as such we must not resort to illegal means to further our agenda. As such, do not download illegal copies of movies or make copies of your friends’ or relatives’ DVD’s. We must adhere to our superior ethics.

The best way to accomplish our conservative goals is to resist the libtard agenda at all levels. Send complaints to the owners of the studios/tv networks/production companies/theaters. Conservatives are the majority and its time we show the establishment that we are no longer going to passively allow them to push their libtard agenda on us. By withholding our money, we will pressure them to make entertainment in keeping with the majority conservative opinion. Following the examples listed in this article is the best way to exert this pressure. The owners will feel the pinch of conservative wrath very quickly. If any of you reading this article have additional suggestions please post your comments.

Stay vigilant my brothers and sisters. Our movement is gaining momentum every day. We have the libtards on the run and they ARE feeling the heat. Keep the faith and we will succeed.