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Far-right to take seats in Greece

Golden Dawn will get seats in the Greek parliament for the first time. The party gained 7% in parliamentary elections and is expected to receive about 21 of the 300 seats.

Their main issue in the election was bringing an end to immigration and the deportation of illegal aliens. The party also supports the Greek Orthodox Church and Hellenic culture. The party romanticizes former Greek leader Ioannis Metaxas (Prime minister from 1936-1941).

The two largest parties in Parliament suffered huge defeats.

The Panhellenic Socialist Party went from 44% in 2009 down to 13.4%. They went from the largest party by over 10% to the third largest party. Much of their vote went to rival small left-wing parties.

New Democracy, which is allied with the center-right Christian Democrats in the EU, went from 33.5% to 19.2%. Despite a big loss, they are now the largest party. Independent Greeks are a right-wing “anti-austerity” party that split off from New Democracy. They got 10.5%.

The far-left SYRIZA gained much of the old socialist vote. They got 16.5% and are the second largest party.

The Greek Communist party got 8.5%.

Golden Dawn got 7%, and another left-wing party got 6%. There is another right-wing Greek party called Popular Orthodox Rally. They narrowly missed the 3% threshold.

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