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First trial begins in gang rape of eleven year old

New Black Panther Party leader, and convicted crack dealer, Quanell X leads a rally to demand the release of the suspects.

In November of 2010, students at several majority black Cleveland, TX schools were caught passing around cell phone videos of a gang rape. Some of the students caught with the videos were only in Middle School. Police began making arrests for the gang rape of an eleven year old Mexican girl. At least 19 black males, of a variety of ages, were arrested for raping the eleven year old.

Then, a local black church collaborated with the New Black Panther to hold a rally demanding that the suspects be freed. The New Black Panther Party passed out photos of the eleven year in skimpy attire. They claimed that no crime took place because the sex was all consensual.

The media aggressively censored the entire ordeal as much as possible. Five defendants have accepted plea bargains. The first trial for the rest of the defendants started last week. Click here.

The following video shows various news segments combined with video placed on youtube by local black “thugs” from Cleveland, TX. Some of the suspects appear to be in the videos.

One of the 19 suspects has since been charged with having sex with a fourteen year old as well.

On of the 19 suspects has since been charged with sexually assaulting a girl on on a school bus.

Audio of New Black Panther Party leader defending the suspects.

[youtube cA2yLMAWH6Q]