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Hundreds of Far-left thugs celebrate May Day with violence in Seattle

Masked Communist thugs celebrate May Day by smashing store windows. Photo from Fox News

Members of violent Communist and other far-left groups celebrated May Day by rioting in Seattle. The mayor declared a state of emergency.

Masked thugs smashed store windows. This violence was part of the “May Day March for Immigrant and Workers Rights.”

Fox News aired the photo at the right. Ironically the thugs can be seen smashing the windows of an American Apparel [AA] store. AA is a Los Angeles based company that is pro-open borders, pro-homosexual, and pro-union. The company is famous for busing its employees to open borders/amnesty rallies in Southern California.

Masked thugs also blocked traffic in Seattle, causing delays of up to 90 minutes on major roads. Police say that the thugs were armed with baseball bats, tire irons, rocks, and homemade incendiary devices.

Members of Occupy Oakland became violent (as usual) and attacked police.