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Is Hollywood full of child rapists?

The accusations are mounting. Both Corey Haim and Corey Feldman say they were raped by male agents and producers during their years as major child actors. Recently former little house on a Prairie star Allison Arngrim has accused Hollywood of rampant child rape.

A lawsuit against John Travolta alleges that he offered a male massage therapist money for sex. The massage therapist says that Travolta confided to him that homosexual sex favors were part of the casting process for his part on the tv show Welcome Back Cotter. Travolta played a High School student in the show, but was actually 21-24 when he played the part. If the allegations are true, it would show a pattern of predatory sexual conduct by Hollywood big shots. Two other male massage therapists have also made allegations that Travolta offered them money for sex.

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