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Jeremy Clarkson: "a bit of racism" would fix delays at the airport

Jeremy Clarkson is in the middle

The star of the hit BBC show Top Gear is under attack for injecting some common sense into the airport security debate.

From UK Telegraph…

The BBC Top Gear presenter claimed that the long delays at Heathrow border control were because immigration officials were no longer allowed to use their discretion to wave certain passengers through.

He said: “Nobody is waved through any more. The result is plain for all to see. There’s a two-hour wait.

“And the problem is: the only possible solution is to introduce a bit of racism.”

He added: “Nobody likes a racist. Nobody likes prejudice. It has no place at work, at play, or in government.

“But at Heathrow airport? Hmmm.”

Clarkson, who is now notorious for his provocative comments, used his Sun newspaper column to wade into the controversy over passengers facing queues of up to three hours at Heathrow.

He claimed that liberal attitudes prevented officials targeting only passengers deemed “high risk”.

“You can’t get that sort of thing past the bleeding-heart liberals. They believe that … a hook-handed imam with fire in his heart and hatred in his eyes is just as likely to whip up anti-western sentiment as Joanna Lumley.”

A spokesman for the Public and Commercial Services Union, which represents Border Force workers, said: “Clarkson is an idiot.”

Clarkson, 52, has a long record of making controversial remarks. He provoked a wave of complaints last November when he jokingly suggested on BBC’s The One Show that striking public sector workers should be shot in front of their families.