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Le Pen says no to Sarkozy endorsement

Marine Le Pen announced that she would not endorse Sarkozy in the French presidential election. She said she would cast a blank ballot and focus on winning seats for the Front National [FN] in French parliamentary elections. In the last election, Sarkozy ran as a conservative but ruled as a leftist. Sarkozy is once again campaigning as a conservative to get FN votes.

Marine Le Pen received 19% in the first round of the vote for the French presidential election.

Twenty-five years ago France changed its entire system of elections just to keep the FN from getting seats. The nation’s parliament went from proportional representation to American style winner take all. This election may be the first time in twenty-five years that the party receives seats.

The party has three seats in the European Parliament. France is required by the EU to award the seats by proportionate representation.

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