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Little enthusiasm for Obama re-election announcement

Obama booked the 20,000 seat Value City Arena at the Ohio State University in a Democrat party stronghold to officially kick off his re-election campaign. Few people came. The stadium was well over half empty.

The Obama administration posted tightly cropped photos of the event on an official website and claimed 14,000 attended.

Keep in mind that OSU is the biggest college campus in America. The Columbus campus, where Obama spoke, has 56,000 students alone. The academic staff is over 5,000. The liberal arts departments are full of rapid leftists. There are also over 15,000 non-academic staff members who are largely black (Obama’s chief base of support.)

Just two years ago, Obama drew a crowd three times as big at OSU! In 2010 Obama held a rally in the “Oval,” an outdoor courtyard. The Obama campaign claims 35,000 at the 2010 OSU rally, but only 14,000 at the latest rally. Even using their own numbers, that is a 60% drop in attendance.

Obama must have suspected attendance would be way down. Why would Obama pick the area instead of the massive open air courtyard he used two years ago. His campaign must have known attendance would be poor.

The campaign event coincided with the 194th birthday of Karl Marx. How appropriate!