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Media censored brutal racially motivated murder

Photo from Chicago Sun-Times

On May 19th, a beautiful twenty year old white female was murdered by three black men. It appears to be a thrill killing. The perps just killed her for the fun of it. She was a waitress at a seafood restaurant. Only a tip jar, with a small amount of money, was taken.

The brutal murder took place in Indiana. We only found two blips the media. The Chicago Sun-Times ran a small article, but censored the race of the suspects. A Fox station in Dallas, Texas also reported on it, but censored the race of the victim. You have to put both articles together to find out what really happened. The Fox station characterized the heinous murder as a robbery. The tiny amount of money stolen suggests it was a thrill killing.

She was beaten and strangled to death right in front of her apartment door. Her live-in boyfriend witnessed the attack and only called 911. A single household firearm would have saved his girlfriends’ life.

One of the suspects is a career criminal that was sentenced to six years in 2009.

If the races had been reversed, this would be a major national news story. Instead it is a “hush crime.”

Chicago Sun-Times.