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Mother butchered in front of young children in racially motivated murder farm attack in South Africa

Black men stormed a farm in South Africa seeking to murder white people. They killed 34 year old Vanessa Stafleu in front of her two young children. The children then fled into the woods. The men left without taking anything.

The five year old boy showed an extreme survival instinct and carried his three year old sister two kilometers to their grandmother’s house.

The Afrocentric/Marxist ruling ANC party actively encourages racially motivated violence against white. The ANC Youth League routinely sings songs about murdering white people at rallies, even though the songs are technically illegal. At a recent ANC rally, the president of South Africa sang a song about mass murdering the Dutch Boer with machine guns. Thousands of ANC supporters, many in South African military uniforms, danced jubilantly.