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Mother of spree killer has website defending son

Omar Thornton murdered eight white co-workers, and injured two others, because he hated white people.

Remember the racially motivated spree killer that slaughtered eight white co-workers at a Connecticut beer distributor. (We profiled him in the last issue of the Citizens’ Informer.)

He shot a total of ten white co-workers out of racial hatred. Eight of them died. He then killed himself. Ironically the owners of the beer distributor are a local Jewish family that fund pro-black political/agitation efforts. The vice president, who is a member of the family that owns the company, was shot but survived. The shooting took place in August of 2010.

After the slaughter, Thornton called his mother to brag about the killings. Thornton also called 911 to brag about the killings. He told a 911 dispatcher that he killed his co-workers before they are “racists.” He said he only regretted not killing more people. (click here for 911 audio) He then took his own life after the phone call. The events were rapidly flushed down the memory hole by the media.

Thornton had been fired for stealing beer just days before the massacre.

Many in the black media defended the killer. Newsone, a leading black new site defended Thornton and blamed white people for driving him to go on a shooting spree. The headline of their article was “The Omar Thornton Shootings Show Us Racism Is Here To Stay.” The article goes on to define “racism” as the poor treatment of black people. The extreme left-wing San Fransisco Chronicle also ran a column blaming the killings on his white co-workers.

Now his mother has launched a website asking for money in his honor! The mother claims that “workplace racism” killed her son. There is no mention of the website that her son was a spree killer who murdered eight people out of racial hatred.