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This was a 2009 issue of the Jackson Free Press dedicated to the CofCC

Update from our Jackson, Mississippi chapter. Known as the Great Southron CofCC.

The Great Southron chapter has been busy the first few months of 2012. A few of our members spent a good bit of time at the Capitol trying to get commitments on bills to stop the horde of invaders from South America. House Bill 488 would have granted Arizona style enforcement powers to Mississippi police. Unfortunately the bill failed due to a betrayal by neo-con Lt. Governor Tate Reeves.

We were successful in getting a voter ID bill passed. Also a bill to force abortion providers to have a certified ob/gyn doctor on staff with hospital admission privileges passed. This could effectively shut down the states only abortion provider. We gained a lot of ground on other bills, but neo-cons like Tate Reeves and other assorted obstructionists ultimately defeated them. These defeats have made us aware that our statewide activists need to step up and find common ground in the next years legislative agenda.

We challenge everyone to commit to spending time at the State House this coming session and be in touch with your legislature this summer and fall. Activism without legs is not activism, we need boots on the ground. There is also a “large event” in the planning stages for September. Recruitment is up this year due to top speakers from our states’ pool of paleoconservative legislators and a lot of work from our members. If you have friends in the Rankin, Madison, Warren, Simpson county areas have them to contact us at 601-291-7711. We meet each month in Rankin County.