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Multiculturalism breaks down in Israel

Protestors in Tel Aviv demand the expulsion of African immigrants

Angry demonstrations after African immigrants gang rape 15 year old in Israel.

From Ynet…

About 1,000 people gathered in south Tel Aviv’s Hatikva neighborhood Wednesday evening to protest against the government’s handling of the flow of African migrants into Israel.

Some of the demonstrators shattered the windshield of a vehicle in which three African migrants were riding. The migrants were not injured.

Police arrested two people suspected of attacking a foreign worker during the protest.

The demonstrators also chased two foreigners but were blocked by police. They also threw two firecrackers at police forces.

Earlier, about 100 demonstrators chased after a leftist who took part in a counter rally. Police officers blocked the protesters path. The rioters hurled glass bottles and sticks at the officers.