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Never punished career criminal arrested for slaughtering St. Louis woman

Catch and Release

Once again a career criminal, who was never seriously punished, has been arrested for taking a life. Eric F. Peterson terrorized St. Charles County and St. Louis County for years. He has convictions for theft, burglary, robbery, assault, driving with drug intoxication, and property damage.

Yet he has only served a grand total of 150 days behind bars. He was repeatedly sentenced to serious prison time time, but was given supervised probation each time.

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Amber Wood was crossing the street in St. Louis when a car plowed into her and killed her. A second victim was injured, but survived. Amber was killed in a white “yuppie” enclave in west St. Louis.

Peterson was arrested shortly after trying to disposed of the car. Police have not said if they believe Peterson was committing a crime when he allegedly killed Amber Wood. Given his extremely long criminal history, it is likely that he was. St. Louis prosecutors are still deciding what to charge Peterson with.

Amber Wood is dead because no court would throw Peterson in prison for his massive list of convictions.