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New Book Details the Modern Resurgent Power of Right-Wing Politics in the West

by Taylor Rose

I would appear that with the center-right European conservatives in retreat across Europe, that right-wing politics is potentially fading. This would be true, except that the largest consistent political increases across Europe in the last decade have been European nationalist parties. From Austria, to Holland, to now Greece and France, whether the establishment right or establishment left wins is almost irrelevant, for the European peoples are quickly realizing that establishment left and establishment right are as about as different as the variation between Coke and Pepsi.

With the impending Euro collapse and swimming in the wake of Leftism’s multiculturalists and socialist policies, Europeans are beginning to awaken again to the inherent beauty and grandeur that their nation-states have and as well the blessings of local, decentralized government. With centralization in the EU stifling growth, destroying the continental currency and eroding national sovereignty, a new wave of European nationalism is taking to all nations throughout Europe. New parties and faces are rising to challenge this overtaking of the European nations and the destruction of European liberties. In the UK with the rise in prominence of the UK Independence Party or the True Finns in Finland, amongst other nations, the fight for the preservation of national sovereignty is on. The growing new trend in the mainstream of European politics now is to fight and preserve national sovereignty and national identity and withdraw from Euro and the EU.

Additionally, with the rising prevalence of Islam in Western European society, Europe again is forced to confront her ancient past and arise to preserve not only national sovereignty against Jihad, but as well her religious and cultural heritage as a distinct people group. This contrast with Islam is serving as a reminder to Europeans that the Occident is a Christian civilization and the Occident is worth preserving in the face of Anatolian barbarism.

However a similar story is becoming true on the other side of the Pond. Since the advent of the Obama administration and the discrediting of the Bush administrations’ “fiscal socialism” as Dr. Michael Savage accurately called it. In this wake of two decades of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama centralization, the American people in the form of the Tea Party and a revived Patriot Movement are working from the ground up to take back their cities, counties and states and eventually the entire nation. The anti-Constitutional actions of the Federal Government of the United States and the assaults by the Left upon religion, traditions and family are giving patriotic Americans the motivation and the proper perspective to stand up in the same manner as their forefathers did against British tyranny. The founding principles of America are making a comeback in the morass of Federal oppression.

Exhausted with foreign wars and heavy debts and tyrannized enough from centralized bureaucratic ​regulations, the states are rebelling against the open hostility of the federal government’s actions and passing laws that:

  • Openly rebuke and nullify Obamacare
  • Neutralize mass immigration
  • Preserve their rights as armed citizens
  • Implement contingency plans for economic collapse
  • Uphold traditional marriage

The great success of the Right-Wing of America can be seen in the Ron Paul 2012 presidential election. Though Romney appears to be in a solid lead, Ron Paul activists, learning from their Leftist predecessors, are claiming delegate after delegate to the point where Paul stands the chance to pose a serious and unexpected threat to Romney.

The establishment politicians are scared. This is why they ignore Ron Paul or attempt to silence Geert Wilders with hate speech laws. The center-right’s remaining life span is short. Whether it be the Republicans in the USA, the Tories in the UK or the Christian Democrats in Germany, their lies and hypocrisies are eating away at their future success and their loyalty to transnational banks, financiers and corporations are exposing the whole establishment to being a fraud.

The current economic crisis is not just a crisis of dollars and cents. It is a crisis of civilization, where new and great evils are rising across the Occident. We, the citizens of these ancient lands have been targeted for extermination by the forces of international socialism and Islam. They abhor our religious beliefs and traditions, our cultural values and our national identities. The earth-worshipping Left with their colonizing Anatolian allies wish to impose upon us a New World Order void of European identity and European-Christian values and replace it with a Eco-cultic or Islamist system.

However in this fray of attacks upon our heritage, new leaders, parties, organizations are arising to take the standard for the West into the future. Just as at Tours and Vienna when the Muslims appeared to be at the verge of victory at the 11th hour and 59th minute, so now again do we have new Charles Martels, new Lionhearts and new El Cids in the personas of Marine Len Pen, Geert Wilders, Ron Paul, Allen West and Nigel Farage.

Return of the Right details these victories and accounts with the evidence that the European nationalist is the trend and wave of the future. If you wish to discover the future hope for Western Civilization click here to pre-order Return of the Right. You can only order Return of the Right via the publisher, Terra Libertas. Enjoy free shipping worldwide with Standard Mail delivery and 20% off if you pre-order.