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New Chicago bloodbath, 25 shot in less than 24 hours!

Photo from Chicago Tribune

Illinois has the most draconian anti-gun laws in the United States. Yet, each weekend Chicago resembles a major warzone.

From Chicago Tribune…

More than two dozen people were shot across the city between late Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning.

One died and several others are in critical condition in shootings that left a total of 25 people injured, according to police. A 6-year-old girl was among the wounded.

Five people were shot on the West Side within 20 minutes of each other in two separate attacks about 2:10 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. Police are investigating the possibility that they’re related – they happened about five blocks apart.

A party bus stopped on the 2400 block of West Roosevelt Road in the Lawndale neighborhood to let people into a bar and about 45 minutes later, the driver heard people shooting and hit the floor of his bus.

Only a few women were on the bus when the shots rang out, driver Cash Vait said. He was waiting for his passengers, some of whom were exiting the bar, when someone started shooting. Vait said he heard between three and five shots and dropped to the ground, unable to see who was shooting. Moments later, he heard a second volley of shots to the north.

Three men – 18, 19, and one whose age wasn’t available – were hit. Vait said he saw people swarm one man, who dropped in the street.