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NYT: America passes racial tipping point Challenge: Attention liberals, Marxists, “anti-racists,” and other multiculturalists. Please name one US city that has gone from majority white to majority Latino or black, and is not is substantially worse shape. Post your answer here in the comments section.

The New York Times is reporting that white births now number less than half of all births in the US. The New York Times says whites are part the tipping point.

It is not hard to imagine what American cities will look like in the future. America, on its present course, will resemble Brazil. There are no examples of western civilization being maintained after the population is replaced by blacks or Mesoamericans.

Present day Detroit. Each years millions in state and Federal funds are pumped in just to keep the city looking like this.

This is a slum in Brazil. As white tax revenue falls, less money will be pumped into black urban areas. Surging Latino and Asian populations will have little interest in providing for blacks (or elderly white people). Welfare, social security, medicaid, and medicare will become things of the past.