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Obama claimed "born in Kenya" in 1991

Obama was either lying then, or lying now. Either way he is a habitual lair.

by Kyle Rogers

In 1991, Obama was working a book called Journey’s In Black and White. A promotional pamphlet bio, made by Obama’s agent, billed him as “born in Kenya.” Click here to read the entire story on Breitbart. The photo at the right is a scan of an original 1991 promotional brochure from the agency Acton & Dystel.

However, Obama struggled to complete the book. He eventually abandoned it and switched to writing an autobiography instead. It is called Dreams of my Father and was finally published in 1995. The book describes a completely fictional version of Obama’s father, which has been widely debunked.

Critics say the book was not even written by Obama, and more closely matches the writing style of unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. Obama launched his first political campaign in the living room of Bill Ayers.

Bill Ayers denied having a hand in the book for years. However, Ayers has soured on Obama in recent years. In 2011 he gave two speeches saying that he did write the book. The media brushed it off as “a joke.”

Recently Obama has confessed that characters in his “autobiography” are actually fictional “composite” characters.

Claims that Obama was born in Kenya persisted until his presidential campaign. The claim of a Kenyan birth was probably started by Obama himself. Obama also appears to have never refuted the claim either. During a US Senate campaign debate, Obama did not object to his Republican opponent describe him as being born in Kenya. Newspapers in Africa continued to claim he was born in Kenya even after the election.

Immigration records for Obama’s deadbeat father suggest that Obama was not born in Kenya. It is conceivable that he was born in Indonesia. Obama was still claiming Indonesian citizenship when traveling abroad during his college years.

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