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Profile of a violent Marxist gang







Update: ARA gang members/supporters scream obscenities at reporters during bail hearing. (Why didn’t the police arrest these guys as suspect?) An online effort to raise half a million dollars to bail out the “Tinley Park 5” was launched by an older woman in Martinsville, IN. It was a free fundraising site from The page was taken removed when people began posting comments making fun of it. One person had donated $245, presumably the woman who started it. The leader of HARM has been posting on twitter about the attacks. He describes himself as a white homosexual with blond hair and blue eyes who supports the Chicago terrorist attack. He mentions Blommington, IN in a lot of his posts. He claims “straight white males” are unfairly privileged.

Five people have been arrested and charged so far with the terrorist attack on a Chicago restaurant. Eighteen thugs armed with metal batons, bats, golf clubs, and hammers ran into the restaurant. They all had masks and hoodies to disguise their identity. The main target of the attack were eight people, men and women, holding a meeting. The people attending the meeting were “White Nationalists” who either run or want to start small businesses. The meeting was apparently set up on w website called Stormfront. Ten people were injured, including the owner of the restaurant. The attack ended when one of the attackers was knocked unconscious. The owner of the restaurant says that $12,000 to $15,000 of damage was done to his restaurant.

Logo for HARM, the local Indiana ARA gang.

Common ARA symbol. Stand for Marxism.

Two common ARA symbols. The Red/Black flag and the "Anarchy" symbol.

The attackers fled in three cars. One was stopped. Five people were apprehended. So far they have been charged with aggravated assault with intent to cause great bodily harm, mob action, and criminal property damage. Another person was arrested at the restaurant who is suspected of being involved with the attackers. He was a fugitive from Texas and had seven outstanding warrants.

The five attackers are all from Indiana. They are part of a network of gangs called ARA (Anti-Racist Action). On online publication for the ARA boast of many violent and criminal activities during 2011. This includes vandalizing the home of the leader of a Right to Life group in Chicago and throwing a “sh*t filled pie” at someone they claim to be connected to the Minutemen. They also boast that their group vandalizes police cars. The publication also includes a “how to” guide to committing violent assaults. It recommends outnumbering the victims at least three to one.

The ARA publication brags that many of their members are “on probation or parole.” They also say that many of their members are homosexual, or as they call it “[email protected] $ss f&gg*ts”

ARA gang banner. Red and black are the main ARA gang colors. The fugative arrested at the Chicago restaurant has this same symbol, in red, tattoed on his chest.

Their local gang in Indiana is called HARM. On HARMS’s website they denounce the Occupy movement as “dogmatic pacifists” and say that obtaining permits is “collaborating with oppressors.” The logo for HARM says “Good Night” and has two baseball bats. Apparently this is supposed to mean that HARM intends to knock people unconscious with baseball bats.

Three of the suspects are from Bloomington, IN, and the other two are from Gosport, IN, and Spencer, IN. Bloomington is 87% white and referred to as the “Gay Capitol of the Midwest.” Spencer, IN is over 98% white. Gosport is also over 98% white.

Notice how these Marxist diversity warriors all live in overwhelmingly white areas?

One of them was previously convicted of burglary and served time in prison in Indiana.

The five thugs are in Cook County Jail, and will be their for a while. Bails range from $175k to $250k each. Prosecutors say they may add more charges as well. Cook County jail is full of some of the most hardcore black and Latino gangbangers in the world

The Illinois state prisons are probably among the most dangerous in the nation. In fact Illinois bans camera crews, so the public doesn’t know much about them.

Here is a list of active gangs in Illinois from the FBI 2011 gang assessment. These are the people who the ARA thugs will have the joy of meeting in prison:

12th St Players
Almighty Popes
Black Disciples
Black Gangster Disciples
Black P Stones
Black Pistons MC
Folks Nation
Gangster Disciples
Hells Angels
Hobo’s Imperial Gangsters
Insane Dragons
Jivers Jousters
Krazy Get Down Boys
La Raza
Latin Counts
Latin Kings
Latin Saints
Latin Souls
Leafland Street Boys
Latins Out of Control
Maniac Latin Disciples
Mickey Cobra’s
Outlaws MC
Party People
People Nation
Satan Disciples
Satin Disciples
Simon City Rollers
Sons of Silence
Spanish Cobras
Two Six
Vice Lords
Wheels of Soul MC