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Race hustlers, NBPP mass in Houston, Texas

Two years ago a fifteen year old black gangbanger, Chad Holley, fought with police while being arrested. He was fleeing from the scene of a burglary at the time. He was eventually convicted of burglary and slapped on the wrist with probation.

Black race hustlers called the arrest, “police brutality.” Four police officers were fired, and then charged with crimes. The first officer to face a trial was just acquitted.

Uniformed members of the New Black Panther Party are leading protests. The black police chief, along with the white female mayor, and the white female prosecutor have sided with the agitators. Harris County District Attorney Patricia Lykos insinuated that the defense was racist for striking two black potential jurors. According to MSNBC, there was a pool of 75 potential jurors, but only two were blacks. The MSNBC article insinuates that only two blacks responded to their jury summons. District Attorney Patricia Lykos says the two potential black jurors were struck by the defense. However, the information from MSNBC may be incorrect. (see comment section)

Convicted crack dealer, and regional New Black Panther Party leader Quanell X, is urging blacks to show up for jury duty in the future. Kofi Taharka, a leader of the Black United Front, urged “civil disobedience.”