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RT: Can the Russian Soul Save the American Empire?

Robert Bridge, of the English language news network Russian Today, says that 3rd world immigration, television, materialism, prescription narcotics, and poor diet have left Americans in weak moral and physical condition.

From RT…

Due to its unshakeable commitment to materialism and individualism, Americans now find themselves passengers on a spiritual shipwreck that perhaps only the Russian soul can salvage.

Today, the challenges now confronting the United States – from protracted wars in foreign lands, to local wars on the home front – seem lethal enough to sink the ship of the American superpower. Yet people around the world are not ready to give up hope on Uncle Sam just yet.

“America makes prodigious mistakes, America has colossal faults, but one thing cannot be denied: America is always on the move,” commented the American writer, E.E. Cummins. “She may be going to Hell, of course, but at least she isn’t standing still.”

The problem with America (potentially) “going to Hell” is that this earth-straddling superpower carries enough economic, political and social baggage to drag the rest of humanity to Dante’s depths with it. That was adequately proven during the latest economic meltdown, sparked by flawed US financial products, overspent consumers and pure greed. Even the ensuing rescue package was gift-wrapped by US-backed international lenders of last resort and overnight-expressed to their favorite “too-big-to-fail” friends.

Despite escaping from the financial jaws of death before the final buzzer, we already know from past experience that superpowers are not impervious to sudden death.

“There comes a moment when complex systems ‘go critical’,” historian Niall Ferguson wrote in the March/April issue of Foreign Affairs. “A very small trigger can set off a ‘phase transition’ from a benign equilibrium to a crisis – a single grain of sand causes a whole pile to collapse, or a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon and brings about a hurricane in southeastern England.”

One day – maybe in 5 years, maybe in 500 – the United States too will be forced to give up the ghost of global preeminence. But perhaps there is a way to not only extend America’s lease on life a bit longer, but also to help it become more of a benevolent superpower. This may be accomplished by borrowing a few tricks from Russia, a nation well-known for its gutsy survival instincts and resourcefulness.

First we should step back and consider the moral and physical condition of the United States. After all, empires usually collapse not from financial crisis, or greedy bankers, but from internal decay brought about by a precipitous decline in morals and civility. In other words, America has much more to fear from a moral meltdown than any existential threat from abroad.