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School official orders police to cease arrests at violent Albany, GA schools

Assistant Superintendent Kenneth Goseer

Once again we see a black authority figure running interference for the thugs. Kenneth Goseer is the assistant superintendent of the Dougherty County School system.

Dougherty County is a 60% black county. Many of the public schools are over 90% black and very violent. Police have to make arrests at the schools all the time. Kenneth Goseer recently gave the Albany, GA police chief an order to cease making arrests at the schools.

Chief Troy Conley said the department would continue to make arrests.

Related: Here is a story from another majority black county. This what happens when black authority figures excuse black crime. A thirteen year old was shot and killed while allegedly committing an armed carjacking in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Jaqures Cortez Walker. Photo from WSFA Channel 12.