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Somali pre-teens gang raped eleven year old in UK

Somali thugs in Somalia. Barack Obama is giving Federal tax dollars to private "charities" for the purpose of bringing Somali "refugees" to the United States.

A 15 year old Somali immigrant is on trial in the UK for leading the gang rape of an 11-year-old two years ago. He was 13 at the time. The savage monster is also accused of committing two rapes more rapes since then!

The population of Somalia has one of the lowest average IQs in the entire world. Somalians are one of the most violent people in the world. Rape, even gang rape, is considered a recreational activity in Somali.

Somali “refugees” in the United States constitute one of the most dangerous and violent segments of the US population. Both the Obama administration, and the Bush administration before him, spent US tax dollars to import Somali “refugees” to the United States.

Somali immigrants in Norway, Sweden, and Finland also commit violent crimes, especially rape, at astronomical rates.

A large majority of all Somalians living in the US, UK, Norway, Sweden, and Finland are on welfare. In both the US and Europe, 2nd generation Somalians have gone to Somalia to become Jihadists.

In US cities with large Somali populations, they are involved with huge battles against local Afro-Americans. In Columbus, Ohio and Minneapolis, Minnesota, there are huge “ethnic riots” between American blacks and Somali immigrants. In Columbus, giant “ethnic riots” erupt at the nearly all “black” schools. Black teens in Columbus, Ohio usually describe Somalians as being unintelligent and “stinky.”

Last December, hundreds of blacks rushed to the Mall of America over a rumor that a rap star was visiting the mall. Massive fights broke out. Police estimate that two hundred Afro-Americans and Somalians began fighting it out as terrified white people were forced to flee. The media in Minneapolis censored the nature of the fights, but the truth came out online.

[youtube 8pYkpdHArYU]

Somali immigrants in St. Paul, Minnesota video tape themselves committing hate crimes against white people.

[youtube 3uBqUNv8w8I]