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SPLC: "We’re not really set up to cover the extreme Left."

by Kyle Rogers

You probably heard about the Cleveland bomb plot. Some FBI agents allegedly got five leftists, at least three of which are connected to the Occupy movement, to agree to blow up a bridge in Cleveland.

A few months ago some FBI agents allegedly got some elderly men from Georgia to say they wanted to kill Federal agents. The four men ranged in age from 65 to 73. The SPLC trumpeted these men as major terrorists, and wrote two articles about them for the last issue of their magazine. SPLC spokesman Mark Potok claimed that any one of the four could have been the next Timothy McVeigh, had they not been caught.

The SPLC also railed against the “Hutaree militia” over and over and over. Their website pulls up ten articles, from past issues of the SPLC quarterly magazine, that mention the Hutaree militia. Every single terrorism charge against the Hutaree militia was thrown out in court. Most of the members were completely exonerated. Only two were convicted of minor weapons charges.

However, the OWS guys arrested in Cleveland are left-wingers. One of them even allegedly said he wanted to kill white racists. One, or more, of them allegedly suggested blowing up the Republican National Convention. So is the SPLC going to dedicate an issue of their magazine to terrorists in the Occupy movement? Yeah right!

A spokesman for the SPLC stated “we’re not really set up to cover the extreme Left,” when asked if they were going to start tracking the Occupy movement.

Once again the SPLC proves itself to be a total fraud.