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Swedish Democrats poll in 4th place

According to a new national poll, the Swedish Democrats are now the 4th largest political party. 6.6% of Swedish voters now favor the party. The increase in support appears to be coming at the expense of moderate parties. The party has seen a 1.9 point increase in the national poll. Party leader Jimmie Åkesson recently participated in a national televised debate and his performance is being credited with growing the party.

In the 2010 elections, the Swedish Democrats came in 6th place with 5.7% and gained seats in the Swedish parliament for the first time.  The bulk of Swedish Democrat voters were in areas hardest hit by 3rd world immigration. Sweden saw a small move to the right. Far-left, Socialist, and Communist/Green parties gained 50.66% of the vote. This was down from 53.62 in 2006

The motto of the party is “Keep Sweden Swedish” and it’s main issue is stopping 3rd world immigration.