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"Teen mob" viciously beats white man in Milwaukee

Bus stop where white victim was attacked by "teens." Photo from Google maps.

Update: We called TMJ4. They claim that they do not censor the race of crime suspects. The woman we talked to said “we will put the race if there are suspects at large.” Click the link below and see what you think.

Last St. Patrick’s Day a white man got off a public bus. The bus stop is in a neighborhood that is 88% black. Suddenly, he was attacked by some “teens.” Can anyone guess what “teens” is code for?

He was interviewed by TMJ4 on April 11th and the police had yet to take any action against the thugs. This is a story that is playing out all over the United States.

Click here to watch the interview

The motto of TMJ4 is “On Your Side.” Placing political correctness ahead of public safety is not helping the public. Who’s side are they on? Milwaukee has seen large numbers of vicious black on white hate crime mob attacks in the past year. The media have been trying to cover it up. The English language Russian satellite news channel RT recently attacked the media in Milwaukee for censoring black on white hate crimes.

Tell TMJ4 to start reporting the news as it actually happens!

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