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The left-wing Newark Star-Ledger is dying

"We’re a strong newspaper. People like us, and they need us, and we’re going to continue going."

Newspapers across America are in decline. However, the radical left-wing Newark Star-Ledger is plummeting at a rate that far exceeds the industry average.

The Newark Star-Ledger is collapsing Newsweek Magazine style. It has become so extremely left-wing that the public can no longer stomach it.

In 2004, the Newark Star-Ledger was the 14th biggest daily paper in the nation with a daily circulation of 401,192. By September of 2010 it had fallen to 25th place. By March of 2012, it had less than half the circulation it had in 2004.

Between 2008 and 2010, parent company Advance Publications forced huge employee reductions. The workforce was reduced from 756 to 452. Remaining employees had to agree to across the board reductions in salary and benefits.

2009(Sept): 251,782 Lost $9 Million
2010(Sept): 223,549 Lost $10 million
2011(Sept): 210,586
2012(March): 197,034