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Tulsa Mayor ignores victims of black on white murders

The Straits were brutally beaten in their own home by black thugs. Both died from their injuries shortly after the attacks. The female victim was also raped.

Family feels snubbed that Tulsa mayor treats some victims as more important than others.


In the middle of detailing how her family has coped with this tragedy, she expressed some resentment and frustration directed at Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

She is upset about the fact that Bartlett offered condolences to the families of the victims in the Good Friday shootings, but not to her family.

“My parents were beaten and abused. My mother murdered. Bartlett has never offered any condolence to my family and I am very greatly angry and I am disappointed. I would like for him to explain to my family why he doesn’t feel that that was necessary for us,” says Lanora.

Her parents were found beaten in their home in mid-March and her mother, Nancy, died the next day.