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Was man thrown in prison over "racist literature?"

My son Michael Carothers, a.k.a. Michael Weaver, is currently incarcerated in a Georgia prison for the “crime” of using non-lethal pepper-spray to repel two black would-be car-jackers who were threatening him with 40-ounce glass beer bottles. Michael originally was charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor, but the charge was up-graded to felony aggravated assault when his year’s-long political activism was brought forth in court.

Those wishing to write him can contact him at:
Michael Carothers, GDC# 1025001, Wheeler Correctional Facility, P.O. box 466, Alamo, Ga., 30411. Those wishing to contribute to his “commissary” account can do so by writing the: Georgia Dept. of Corrections, P.O. box 405699, Atlanta, Ga., 30384. The money order must read: Michael Carothers, GDC# 1025001, Wheeler Correctional Facility, Alamo, Ga. Thank you for any support you can give this activist!! His father, David Carothers

More background on the case can be found here. Michael Carothers accepted a plea bargain after the judge ruled that an incident from 1999 could be admitted as evidence. Micheal served four months in jail for criminal menacing. He was 18 at the time.

Superior Circuit Court Judge Bobby Peters seemed to agree that it was a character assassination as much as anything else. The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer wrote:

“It sounds like you’re making a great case to prove this man’s a racist,” Peters said, adding he’s not sure the pepper spray incident was enough to merit an aggravated assault charge.

After Micheal agreed to the plea bargain, prosecutors asked for four years in prison. The judge sentenced him to one.