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Was Obama appointee behind Norfolk hate crime coverup?

The editor of the Norfolk Virginia-Pilot is Maurice Jones, who was recently appointed to by Obama to be deputy secretary of HUD. Click here to read story.

It looks like the Norfolk police department has been embarrassed into re-classifying the attack as a “hate crime.” They had previously only listed “simple assault.”

Considering how hard it was for two newspaper employees to get their story out, imagine how many white people are being attacked in hate crime every single week. The majority of the attacks are probably going unreported.

In Grand Rapids, black thugs beat up at least seven white victims. One of the victims has reached out to every single media outlet in the city and they have refused to cover it.

Black on white hate crime mob attacks are occurring all over the nation. Philadelphia, New York City, St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Minnesota, St. Paul, Seattle, and Portland are some of the flash points.