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Are white Americans already paying slavery reparations?

From American Academic Press. America Becoming.

From Staff

The National Academic Press has placed their 500 page America Becoming: Racial Trends and their Consequences online.

Chapter seven examines the disparity in welfare dependency by race. Take a look at the chart at the right. It examines welfare dependency over an eight year period.

In this eight year period, half of all black women were on at least one major form of welfare at one time or another. The figure is only 12% for white women. Blacks who received welfare, averaged 4.5 years of dependency out of the 8 years. Hispanics averaged 4 years and whites averaged 3.5 years.

Bewteen 1985-1992, a staggering 20% of all the “income” taken in by black women was from welfare! This figure is 7% for Hispanic and 2% for whites.

The militant black power movement is demanding “reparations for slavery.” Are white people already paying reparations for slavery? If so, how long must we pay?

For an explanation of the chart, as well as more charts and data, click here.