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Conference hotel is filling up!

CofCC National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee

For questions call 636-940-8474

Click here to hear about the CofCC National Conference on the Political Cesspool radio show.

Come see:

John Derbyshire: National Review writer for 12 years

Jared Taylor: President of New Century Foundation

James Edwards & Keith Alexander: Memphis AM Talk Radio Hosts

Top leaders from the TEA Party movement and the SCV!

Friday & Saturday – July 6 & 7, 2012

Conference registration is $65 for the first person and $55 for each additional person in your party. ($120 couple). You can pay your registration fee online via paypal.


Memphis AM Talk Radio Host James Edwards. Author of Racism Schmacism

Past speaker, Hollywood actor Sonny Landham. Co-star of the movie Predator.

Leading conservative speakers

Live entertainment