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Dreams of my real father

Frank Marshall Davis has been described by Obama as a “mentor.” Davis was a radical black power activist, a Communist Party member, an advocate of legalized pederasty, and an amateur photographer.

Not only did Frank Davis “mentor” Obama when he was a child, Obama and Davis have very similar facial features.

Filmaker Joel Gilbert has found evidence that Frank Davis is the man who took the nude photographs of Barack Obama’s white mother. Pictures exist of Frank Davis sitting on the same sofa that Ann Dunham posed naked in front off.

[youtube 6jrrnkKmUzo]

[youtube LBtwR36G2Pg]

MATCHED! Photographs provide strong circumstantial evidence of sexual relationship between Frank Davis and the mother of Barack Obama.

Which one looks like Obama's real father?

Filmaker Joel Gilbert says furniture and objects in this picture of Ann Dunham match furniture and objects in pictures of Frank Davis. He believes the nude photographs of Obama's mother were taken inside the home of Frank Davis.