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God Bless the USA banned at NYC public school

Principal Greta Hawkins. Says the song God Bless the USA is not multicultural enough.

NYC Public School Chancellor Dennis Walcott. He defended the principal and says the song will not be sung.

The faces behind the ban.

A NYC public school principal declared that God Bless the USA was an inappropriate song. Instead she is forcing kindergarteners to sing Justin Biebers’ “Baby,” a song about teenage romance, at their kindergarten graduation. Now the chancellor is defending the principal. The principal says that God Bless the USA will offend “other cultures.”

Gretal Hawkins is principal at Edna Cohen Elementary. The school is 54% Latino, 19% black, 17% white, and 10% Asian. Hawkins says the song could be offensive to “other cultures.” In other words, Hawkins thinks the song only reflects the values of white people.

[youtube TOG09cJDq3I]