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Guyana immigrant shoots seven in Toronto mall

From Toronto Star..

Christopher Husbands was a quiet, happy child growing up in Guyana, according to his father. “He was a good guy coming up,” Burchell Husbands says.

But as a teenager living in Regent Park, he started getting into fights, then scrapes with the law.

“I tried to beg him to keep out of trouble,” his father said.

On Monday, police named Christopher Husbands as the suspect in the shooting at the Toronto Eaton Centre that killed one person, wounded six others, and terrified an entire city.

Husbands, 23, faces one count of first-degree murder in the death of Ahmed Hassan, 24, and six counts of attempted murder.

Husbands turned himself into Toronto police’s 52 Division at 2:20 a.m. Monday, accompanied by his lawyer. Later that afternoon, he made a brief appearance at Old City Hall.

Investigators believe Husbands, Hassan and a 23-year-old victim who remains in critical condition all had ties to the same gang. But they say Saturday’s gunfire was the result of a personal beef.

The attack was not about gang business — “it’s about anger and violence,” said Acting Deputy Chief Jeff McGuire.