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Huffington Post now openly opposes freedom of speech


The Canadian Conservative party just passed C-304, the Protecting Freedom Bill, through the House of Commons. If passed by the Senate, the bill would bring American style freedom of speech rights to Canadians.

The Huffington Post called the passing of C-304 by the House “a moment of glee for white supremacists,” and “a step towards a more racist, less tolerant Canada.”

The Huffington Post polled its readers and found 65% are opposed to freedom of speech in Canada. It seems the editorial staff at the Huffington Post, and 65% of Huffington Post readers, opposes America-style 1st amendment rights for Canada.

If they oppose free speech for Canadians, how do they feel about the 1st Amendment in the United States? Conservatives are forced to assume that Huffington Post must also oppose the 1st Amendment in the United States. Americans still enjoy greater protections than what Canadians will enjoy even if C-304 passes the Senate.