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Media censors racially motivated attack on off duty police officer in Cleveland

When the media learned the full details of the attack mentioned below, the story was dropped like a hot potatoes. See this report from Cleveland Channel 19. The vicious maiming is portrayed as a minor assault and there is no mention of the racial taunting.

Someone who knows the victim wrote to

I’m writing to inform you of a hate crime committed on Sunday, June 10, 2012. in the early morning hours Sunday morning, late Saturday night, a White off-duty police officer was walking two black females to their car when a vehicle pulled up next to them occupied by two black males yelled at the officer stating “hey white boy, what you think you’re doing with those sistas!” the officer then showed his badge and identified himself as an officer at which point the two black males exited the vehicle and beat him half to death. I’m upset that our local media made no mention of the suspects comments or their motives. they are still at large. The officer suffered a broken jaw, missing all lower teeth, and many broken ribs.