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Media insults teenage murder victim

16 year old white teen murdered by a black male. The teen was murdered for the fun of it and little, if anything, was even stolen. (The article refers to it both as a “robbery” and an “attempted robbery.”)

The media calls this “an attempted robbery,” and says the victim “was in the wrong the wrong place at the wrong time.” The victim was standing in front of the home of a family friend at 3:25 in the afternoon!

Apparently the “wrong place” means anywhere in the proximity of young black males. The “wrong time” is anytime.

The body remains in Michigan and the family can not afford to have it brought home to Pennsylvania.

If the races had been reversed, this would be a major national news story. The media would be screaming “hate crime.”

From Northhampton County News…

A 16-year-old Walnutport area boy was murdered last week in Michigan and a 29-year-old has been charged with the crime, according to Michigan authorities.

Joshua Stepp was “in the wrong place at the wrong time” when he was robbed and then shot to death about 3:25 p.m. June 11 at the Westwood Heights, a mobile home park near Interstate 75 in Mount Morris Township, according to township police Lt. Matt Lasky.

Stepp’s mother, April Stepp-Gross, said her son had gone to Michigan to help a friend move and to attend a memorial service. Stepp-Gross said she last saw her son, who had been staying with her parents in Lehigh Township, a week before he left earlier this month.

“Had I known this beforehand I wouldn’t have let them go,” Stepp-Gross said this morning, her voice breaking. “I’m just so sad and angry.”

Police say Joshua Stepp was staying in a mobile home at Westwood Heights when Kiunda John Burress, of Mount Morris Township, came to the home with a gun and demanded money from Stepp and the homeowner, according to Lasky. Burress allegedly then shot Stepp and fled. No one else was injured during the attempted robbery, Lasky said.