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Muslims gang rape British girls with impunity because police are afraid of being called "racist"

Pakistani born Chief prosecutor Nazir Afzal has been blowing the whistle on the racially motivated rape and sexual grooming of white British teens by Muslim immigrants. He says the problem has been made worse by left-wing politicians who defend or make excuses for immigrant criminality.

Note: In Great Britain, Immigrants from the Middle East, Pakistan, and India are referred to as “Asian.” The perpetrators described in this article are generally Muslim immigrants.

A British prosecutor is blowing the whistle on a massive coverup of racially motivated gang rape and sexual grooming of white British teen girls. The British Labour party protects immigrant rapists by accusing police and prosecutors of “racism.”

From UK Mail Online…

The sexual exploitation and grooming of young vulnerable white girls is a ‘particular problem in Asian communities’, one of Britain’s top prosecutors admitted for the first time today.

In a year when several paedophile gangs were convicted of raping and prostituting victims in north west England, Nazir Afzal says it is impossible not to notice ‘that the perpetrators were Asian and the victims were not.’

The Chief Crown Prosecutor for the region added that ‘cultural baggage and the status of women among some men in these communities contributes to their disrespect for the rights of women.’

It was claimed last month that fears they would be branded racist meant that police and social services left one group free to rape up to 50 white girls, and Mr Afzal said today he would not ‘turn a blind eye.’

It came as the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee announced yesterday a day of evidence next week because its members and  chairman Keith Vaz are ‘very concerned by the recent cases of child exploitation.’

The Labour MP for Leicester East has previously said: ‘I do not think it is a race issue.’

In these disturbing recent cases most victims were white, aged between 13 and 16, many were from vulnerable backgrounds or the care system, and the majority were plied with booze and drugs before being systematically abused.

Speaking to The Times today Mr Afzal said: ‘Exploitation happens in every community but these cases demonstrate that group grooming is a particular problem in Asian community. I will not turn a blind eye to crimes in any community.’

He spoke out as two Asian men, Mahfuzur Rahman and Abdul Hannan, were convicted of raping or sexually assaulting four young white women in their area after they picked them up and got them drunk.

 In an originally botched prosecution in 2009, victims gave detailed evidence about being violently raped by Rahman before charges were dropped because evidence was said to lack credibility.

Once the case was abandoned, Rahman was free to target a 17-year-old from a nearby children’s home, plying her with vodka before sexually assaulting her at his flat.