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Nicki Minaj keyboard player confesses to strangling Irish teen

This man reportedly confessed to "accidentally" strangling an Irish teen to death after performing in Japan. His name has not been released. Backup dancer James Blackstone has been charged with allegedly sexually assaulting another girl.

A keyboard player for female rap star Nicki Minaj, has been arrested for the rape and murder of Irish exchange student Nicola Furlong.

This has been a major news story in Japan and Ireland, but has been censored in the United States. An Irish exchange student attended a rap concert in Japan. The performers were all from the United States. She was found dead the next morning.

Two black males, who were employed by the concert tour have been arrested. One of them, backup dancer James Blackstone, has already been charged with sexually assaulting a friend of the murder victim. Now, the second suspect has reportedly confessed to strangling Nicola Furlong.

Police say that surveillance video shows Furlong passed out in a wheelchair. Police say she may have been given a spike drink. Furlong was wheeled to the suspects hotel room, raped and strangled. The identity of this suspect has not been released, other than a censored photo showing a black male.

James Blackstone had been videotaped terrorizing elderly Japanese people on a train the day before the attacks.

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