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Police say home invaders cruelly tortured homeowner

Ringleader was just released from prison even though he was known to pose a violent threat to the public.

From Macon Georgia Telegraph…

A Twiggs County man tortured Saturday morning during a home invasion robbery was burned with hot scissors an estimated 40 times, according to the Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigator Robert Rodgers said the assailants took apart a pair of scissors and heated one of the blades on a gas stove.

Robert Luce, 61, was burned on his neck and back while the men demanded to know where he kept money in his home, on Lettie Way off Sgoda Road just west of Interstate 16.

Paul Stafford, 41, of Laurens County, is accused of burning Luce during the torture, which also included beating Luce while he was bound with duct tape, Rodgers said.

Stafford, a registered sex offender, had been released from prison in November. Since 1999, he’s served three stints on charges ranging from escape and aggravated assault to attempted aggravated sodomy, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections.

Denis Jones, 42, of Twiggs County, was on bond at the time of the home invasion at Luce’s home in connection with allegations that he robbed Luce in 2011, Rodgers said.

Jones previously had worked for Luce, the investigator said. Luce is retired. Information regarding his prior occupation wasn’t immediately available Tuesday.