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Science Channel acknowledges major racial differences

Through The Wormhole is a series produced by the Science Channel. Episode two of season three aired last Wednesday. It was titled “Is there a superior race?” Different races have dramatic differences in DNA. These differences in DNA cause differences in intelligence and behavior among the races.

Note: The woman in the video correctly states that the average IQ of American whites is 100, while the average IQ of American blacks is 85. (The host Morgan Friedman refers to this as a “subtly difference.”) She incorrectly states that Latinos and American Indians have a lower average IQ than blacks. I believe she simply meant to says “90” when she states their average IQ is “80.”

Also notice that the second half of the video states that for humans to develop larger more sophisticated brains, it would require longer periods of gestation, infancy, and adolescence. Note that Negroes, Capoids, and Australoid people have shorter periods of gestation, infancy, and adolescence than Caucasian and Asian(Oriental) peoples.

For example, Australoid babies are known for being born with strong necks. Negro babies are not far behind. Caucasian and Asian babies take much longer to lift their own heads, despite having a longer gestation period than Australoid and Negro babies.

[youtube fdti5Rr8rhs]