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White man beaten in Renton, WA hate crime

Photo from KIROTV

Four black thugs targeted a white teen for a brutal beating after he advertised some Nike basketball shoes on craigslis.


A Renton teen is bruised and fearful after being attacked in broad daylight over a few pairs of high-end sneakers.

“R.J.” said he only wants to be identified by initials out of fear of retribution. He said he makes money by buying expensive basketball shoes when they’re first released and then reselling them on Craigslist or Facebook, often for twice the price. He showed KIRO 7 some of the 70 pairs of basketball shoes he has stuffed in his closet.

“I like the shoes, but I’m more in it for the money,” R.J. said.

He also showed us his head injuries that remain more than a week after he was assaulted while attempting to sell three pairs to strangers.

“Before I know it, I wake up and there’s blood all over my clothes,” he said. “And then I realize these guys must have hit me in the face.

He said he had arranged to sell three pairs to a man in the parking lot of the Renton Community Center. Instead of one man, two men arrived in a car, and two women were with them.

“They were talking a lot and seemed like they were stalling,” he said.

The next thing he knew, he awoke, covered in blood, and the shoes were gone.