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Anti-German hysteria contributed to brutal racially motivated attack on British train.

Below you will see a post about the outrageous anti-German media hysteria in Britain. A German IOC official is being attacked because he waves his hand in a way that kinda-sorta vaguely looked similar to a Roman salute, which was used by the Nazi regime.

Here is the fruit of the radical far-left hysteria in the media.

A sixteen year old German teen with turrets syndrome was riding the bus in Britain. A black male viciously beat him unconscious. Witnesses say the perpetrator accused the teen of making a “Nazi salute.”

From UK Mail Online…

Gerrit Oeller, 16, was with two friends who tried to explain to the enraged man that the salute was not meant as an insult, and that he could not control his arm.

But when the Tourette’s led the teenager to grin insanely at the man as well, he went mad, hitting Gerrit so hard that he ended up unconscious.

The attack happened on an underground line in the Dulsberg district of Hamburg in northern Germany.

Gerrit said: ‘He asked me if I thought it was funny and it made me nervous, which made me clench my teeth and he thought I was grinning at him. That was when he hit me. I went out like a light.’

His friends told him that another passenger had raised the alarm with station staff who had asked what was going on, but the pair had been too scared to say anything with the furious man there, only when he went off did they call the emergency services and police.