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WND: Black mobs terrorize Seattle

From World Net Daily (Colin Flaherty)…

It has been called one of America’s “whitest big cities” – with 66 percent of residents describing themselves as non-Hispanic white in the 2010 census – but it is not immune to black-mob attacks on a pregnant woman, veterans, the elderly, young people, homosexuals, Asians and others.

Seattle has “fewer problems with racism than other cities,” said the blog So Seattle. “Ethnic tensions … seem less tangible.”

While Seattle may not have the day-in, day-out racial violence of a Chicago, or the peculiar racial lawlessness of small-town Peoria, more and more, people are paying attention to the increasingly visible and brutish mayhem black mobs are visiting on their victims.

In 2010, 17-year-old Jessica Redmon-Beckstead – who was pregnant at the time – was riding the bus with her boyfriend when five black women taunted, attacked, kicked, punched and robbed her.

The assailants were laughing the whole time. One even complained about a broken fingernail.

“My girlfriend’s pregnant!” shouted the boyfriend as they punched her and kicked him in the face.

One woman yelled, “We didn’t hit her in the stomach!”

Her retort got a few laughs – and then the violence resumed.

The attack was caught on video and posted by the Seattle Times.

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the suspects were all riding the bus with free passes from Seattle Public Schools. Within a few weeks, all five were arrested, charged and convicted.

The baby was born healthy.

The day after the attack, King County Sheriff Sue Rahr assured citizens of Seattle this hyper-violent episode was an “isolated incident and could have happened anywhere.”

At least part of Rahr’s statement was correct: It could happen anywhere. And often does.